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Buy a Lusitanian horse in France

Imperio et Dany

You want to buy a french Lusitanian horse.

You need to know some some sales and shipping rules.
Firts of all buy your horse to the breeder,

Take time to see the other products of the studfarm. There is about  20 established studfarms to visit in France you can show youa large production and capacity to ofer you a reel choise.

Asq people to send you a copy of the genuine french horse peprs whom are obligatoire before any sale. 

Be sure that your salerman have the right to sale this horse and if there is any  grey zone, stop spending time and see another one.

You can also ask for help ...

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O Lusitanien.net, is an individual project. His futur depends on you.
As much you will support him, as longer it will stay online.

Our activity have always been near and parallele to the oficial breed associations (Old AFCL, and today AFL).

The site aim is to display a large and free information about the pur breed Lusitanian horse and promote them.

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All of you.

You recognize one or more of your fotos, horses or text, thanks to contact us and let us update relatives informations.

In case you don't want to see this elementos shonwed in the site. Let us know too. We'll take it out quickly.

All autorisations request have been sent but they never came back. If you are in this case please send us back your's.

Pedro-Jorge Lopes Cadete Abrantes  

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